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C Programming Mastery

For cracking job interviews

Course Highlights

  • 1 Project
  • Rigorous training of 20 classes of 1.5 Hours each
  • Examination with a scorecard at the end of the course

Fee Structure (per learner)

Total number of classes: 20

At institute Student’s place with minimum 3 learners Online Online*
Fee per class 200 200 400 8
Full Payment 4000 3000 (Save 25%) 4000 3000 (Save 25%) 8000 6000 (Save 25%) 160 120 (Save 25%)
Installment Payment for every 10 classes 2000 2000 4000 80

* Learners stationed outside India at the time of enrollment

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Course Contents

ClassesTopics to be covered
Class 1Basic Computer Architecture and Programming language
Class 2Function and variable
Class 3If-Else conditions
Class 4Functions (revisit)
Class 5Sample programs
Class 6Loops
Class 7Loops (contd)
Class 8Loops (contd)
Class 9Arrays
Class 10Arrays (contd)
Class 11Arrays (contd)
Class 12Pointers
Class 13Pointers (contd)
Class 14Pointers (contd)
Class 15Programs on arrays and pointers
Class 16Linked List
Class 17Linked List Contd...
Class 18Programs on Linked List
Class 19File Handling - Read
Class 20File Handling - Write

N.B. You may start attending the job interviews after finishing Class 18. However, passing the examination at the end of the course is mandatory for receiving the certificate and mark sheets.