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C++ Mastery

For cracking job interviews

Course Highlights

  • 1 real-life Major Project
  • Rigorous training of 30 classes of 1.5 hours each
  • Examination with score card at the end of the course


Fee Structure

  • At institute: INR 200 per class
  • Learner’s place with minimum 3 students: INR 250 per class
  • Online: INR 400 per class
  • Online: USD 8 per class (Learner stationed outside India at the time of enrolment)


PAYMENT: To be made in advance for every 10 classes


Course Contents

TopicsNo of classes
OOPs concept and its benefits1
Tokens, expressions and control structures2
Functions - Reference, Call by reference, Inline functions, Function overloading, Friend and Virtual functions4
Classes and objects - Defining member functions, Private mmebers, Arrays within a class, Static mmebers, Arrays of objects, Passing objects as function parameters2
Constructors - Default, Parameterised and Copy constructors, Dynamic constructors, Two-dimensional arrays2
Operator overloading - unary and binary (arithmetic and objects), Overloading binary operators using friend2
Inheritance - Single, Multilevel, Multiple, Hierarchical and Hybrid, Superclass and subclass, Virtual Base class, Abstract class2
Pointers - Pointers and references, this pointer, Pointers to objects and derived classes, Virtual and Pure Virtual functions3
I/O operations - C++ Streams, Unformatted and formatted I/O operations, Manipulators
10. File handling - Opening and closing files, EOF marker, File modes, File pointers and manipulators, Sequential I/O, Random access, Error handling
Template - Class templates and Funcion templates, Overloading of template functions, Multuple parameters to function templates2
Exception handling - Mechanism (Throwing and catching), Rethrowing and specifying exception1
Standard Template Library - Components, Containers and algorithms, Iterators2
String manipulation - Creating and manipulaing string objects, Relational operators, Accessing characters in strings1
Online Examination [Basic]Max score: 50
Pass score: 40
Online Examination [Advanced]Max score: 100
Pass score: 80